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Pre-Diabetics & Type 2 Diabetics

In this free webinar is for small business owners, entrepreneurs. Seats are limited, so register your seat today!

Hypertensive High Cholesterol PCOD Hypothyroid

In this free webinar is for small business owners, entrepreneurs. Seats are limited, so register your seat today!



 Dr.Rajani R. Sunkad is extremely passionate, dedicated towards Ayurveda and thrived in bringing the benefits of Ayurveda to the world and has contributed immensely to this cause by numerous activities in this field. Yashaayu Ayurveda is the Brand founded by Dr Rajani and mentored by Allopathy doctors. She has over 12 years of experience in Ayurveda and is an accomplished Senior Ayurvedic Specialist. Dr Rajani is one of the Senior Doctor and has been instrumental is setting up of the clinic and Panchakarma Center at Electronic city and Chandapura in Bangalore. Dr Rajani has graduated BAMS from BM Kankanwadi Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum, Karnataka and Post-Graduation in Shalakya Tantra from SDM Ayurveda Hospital, Hassan and done her internship in Eye Care from Sreedhareeyam Eye Hospital, Koothathukulam, Kerala.


7 Root Causes

Of diabetes and related disorders like Obesity, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Hypothyroid and PCOD

4 Phases

Of Reversal, Freedom, Remission & Transformation

4 Protocols

To reverse diabetes & it’s complications related to Eyes, Heart, Kidneys and Nerves

10 Actions

On diet and exercise for experiencing immediate results


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“I’ve subscribed to ConversionCamp’s newsletter for about a year now. My business growth has never been better.”

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“I’ve subscribed to ConversionCamp’s newsletter for about a year now. My business growth has never been better.”

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Diabetes when uncontrolled through lifestyle modifications has two primary facets which are critical to consider from an ageing perspective. 

  1. It gets progressively more and more severe leading to multi organ complications down the line.
  2. It accelerates ageing and reduces both quantity and quality of life.

Role and limitations of current medications

There are currently different categories of medicines and insulin used routinely to control blood sugar levels.  They are highly effective in normalizing sugars, however over a period of time without changes to the lifestyle, patients move higher on both dosage and stronger action of the drugs eventually landing up on multi drug therapy combined with insulin. 

The fact is medicines have their utility in temporarily reducing sugar levels, however do not address the root cause most often in type 2 diabetes which is insulin resistance. At best, they improve your blood sugar readings. Over time, patients require higher and higher doses and stronger and stronger medicines, eventually they end up on insulin. All this time, the high blood sugar levels are damaging the internal organs, which is the reason for complications like high blood pressure, kidney damage, cardiac problems, etc. Another factor is cost. It can cost a diabetic upwards of Rs 50,000/- a year just to manage their conditions. And this doesn’t include the possible cost of hospitalization and associated expenses. Finally, even with medicines, you lead a very limited and compromised lifestyle, in terms of your diet and mobility. 

Why reverse?

Reversal is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. From protecting organs from collateral damage of high sugars to ensuring the body doesn’t age rapidly it is paramount to keep our levels in check through systematic lifestyle modification. 

Reversal is also an opportunity to get back the health you have lost, and transform your entire life. Our programs are not quick fixes, rather they induce deep behavioral changes inside out. This transformation is the reason behind its name: the holistic transformation program

Yes, the reversal you will experience through our program is definitely sustainable. Bear in mind though that insulin-resistance related disorders are triggered by our own lifestyle decisions. If you revert back to the same unhealthy lifestyle eventually the same health problems will reappear. That said, majority of our past participants have been free from diabetes for years. Many of them take the Glucose Tolerance Test year on year, and pass it with flying colours. You can get an upfront experience of their experiences through their own stories in their freedom stories, which you will find in our ‘Inspiration’ tab.

One thing that sets Dr. Rajani Sunkad apart from others is his willingness to freely share his knowledge and experiences, as you can see from our regular free programs, our blog posts, our videos and other content on our social media channels. The Discover Reversal Session (DRS) is another opportunity to get a clear understanding of diabetes, the root causes behind its root cause, i.e. insulin resistance and the science and protocols that drive our super successful Holistic Transformation Program (HTP), earlier called the Intensive Reversal Program (IRP). DRS is actually the first phase of HTP. It is held by Dr. Rajani Sunkad himself. You will learn how our program works, and be able to begin your own reversal journey. You will also get the opportunity to clarify any queries you may have during the Q&A session with Dr.Rajani Sunkad. The program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be missed.

Yes. As the program is held online, you can join in from anywhere in the world. All you need is the link, which will be provided by the team as soon as you complete the registration process.

If the thought of living a life free from complications of metabolic disorders and side effects of high medicine dosages has appealed to you then Freedom from Diabetes as an organization is a one-stop solution for both.

To regain your health and begin an all new life visit www.freedomfromdiabetes.org or www.drpramodtripathi.com.

Register for the Discover Reversal Session for a 2 hour peek into the world that is FFD, where thousands have benefitted.

Yes, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Reversal typically involves adopting a comprehensive strategy that includes dietary modifications, regular exercise, stress reduction, and proper medical assistance. This approach aims to improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, and achieve a healthier overall metabolic profile. Many individuals have successfully reversed prediabetes and type 2 diabetes by committing to these lifestyle changes and working closely with healthcare professionals who specialize in diabetes management. It’s important to note that early intervention is the key, and the chances of reversal may vary from person to person. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare provider to develop a personalized plan for diabetes reversal based on individual needs and circumstances.

Yes, getting off medications is very much possible. All it takes is a little education, support and inspiration.

Here too the adage “Eat food like medicines and medicines won’t have to become food”.

The best diet for reversing diabetes is often a plant-based or whole-foods, low-carbohydrate diet that focuses on nutrient-dense foods. Such a diet emphasizes fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats while minimizing processed foods, refined sugars, and high-carb items. The key is to regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity by consuming foods with a low glycemic index. Additionally, portion control and mindful eating play vital roles in diabetes reversal. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and individual dietary preferences and needs vary, consulting with a registered dietitian or healthcare provider can help tailor a specific diabetes reversal diet plan that suits an individual’s health goals and medical condition. It’s essential to remember that consistency and long-term commitment to a balanced diet are crucial factors in successfully reversing diabetes.

A lab test indicating pre diabetes suggests that one is one verge of developing full blown type-2 diabetes.

Taking prompt appropriate action such as losing weight, bringing down inflammation and reducing stress are key steps that help with halting the downward slide to full blown type 2 diabetes.

Here are some generic ways that can help you reduce your HbA1c levels.

Start to monitor blood sugar levels

Reduce oily and high carb foods
Start being more active, climb stairs, join a yoga class are few simple steps one can take
Get professional medication and insulin management plans
Reduce anxiety and stress brought on by the diagnosis by consulting mental health professionals
Plan for regular medical check-ups
Get support from a holistic team

Key answer: Should you have inherited a strong genetic predisposition to your diabetes then with current medical technologies, is a complete cure possible? the answer is no.

Yet if one is able to maintain a normal weight, eat reasonably and exercise regularly there is no doubt one will be able to live a full life sans any complications and over dependence on medicines and insulin.

With the right diet and lifestyle practices, long term reversal and remission of diabetes is definitely possible.

Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) employs a holistic and natural approach to treat diabetes effectively. FFD focuses on four essential pillars: a balanced diet, regular physical activity, stress management, and medication optimization. The program aims to educate individuals about the science behind diabetes, enabling them to make informed choices about their health. It encourages a plant-based, low glycemic index diet that helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports weight management. FFD emphasizes exercise routines that are tailored to individual needs and fitness levels, promoting improved insulin sensitivity. Stress management techniques, including meditation and inner transformation, are integrated to address the emotional aspects of diabetes. FFD also works closely with healthcare providers (doctors) to optimize medications as needed during the reversal process. The combination of these holistic elements and the guidance of expert healthcare professionals makes FFD a powerful and natural approach to treating diabetes and achieving lasting health improvements.

Medicines doses can most definitely be reduced or stopped after blood sugar levels are under control.

A medicine free life calls for a disciplined lifestyle to maintain the BSL in the normal range.

Foods to limit typically include sugary beverages, processed snacks, sugary desserts, white bread, white rice, sugary cereals, high-fat dairy products, and foods high in saturated and trans fats.

It is important to work with a registered dietitian or healthcare professional who can provide personalized recommendations based on individual needs and preferences.

While lifestyle changes, medication, and insulin intake are the mainstays of diabetes treatment, some people explore complementary and alternative therapies.

These may include herbal supplements, acupuncture, yoga, or mindfulness techniques.

It’s important to consult a healthcare professional before trying any alternative treatments and to use them in conjunction with conventional medical care.

Join the live 2-hour interactive DISCOVER REVERSAL SESSION (DRS) with Dr. Rajani Sunkad

In this webinar is for Pre-Diabetics &
Type 2 Diabetics, and Hypertensive
High Cholesterol
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